about us

The South Carolina K9 academy

I am Geoff Ellinwood, owner and operator of The SC K9 Academy. I have been providing K-9 Training Services to Columbia South Carolina and surrounding counties since 2009. My extensive experience and dedication to this industry for the past 12 years has given us a competitive edge in K9 training.  All sessions are provided at the  home or neutral location for all parties.  Having conducted hundreds of training sessions with K9’s having different needs., I know what it takes to make your dog great! It is my belief that the SC K9 Academy is the one stop shop to manage any of your K9’s dysfunctional behavior and or mood related issues.  Give me a call today to schedule a FREE Consultation!

SC K-9 Academy Training Services

Our classes are designed with the end result in mind focusing on the growth and development of your K-9 into an obedient companion who recognizes commands and can follow directions.

Behavioral Problems

Are you struggling with a K-9 that struggles with anger management, depression or destruction? The SC-K9 Academy is your trusted behavior specialist – let us help!


Does your animal struggle with following directions? Our obedience training programs are customized to support your K-9’s ability to follow instructions.

Puppy Training

SC K-9 Academy is the premier trainer for puppies ranging from 7-19 weeks. We will prevent problematic behaviors before they start and we pride ourselves on the long term results from our program.

Therapy Dog Training

Does your K-9 need specialized training to become a therapy dog? If so you’ve found the partner you need to get the job done!

Personal Protection

Are You Looking For a Higher Level of Security For Yourself, Family or Home? Let the SC K-9 Academy train your dog to protect you and your loved ones!

Why Choose Us

Pet owners choose the SC K-9 Academy because we produce long lasting results and are certified experts in this field of training. We are compassionate care givers and pride ourselves on the outcomes produced. When you work with us we provide each client with the following:

The No BS Guarantee!

The SC-K9 Academy has the No BS Guarantee! Call us more information!

SC K9 Training Tool Kit

SC K9 Academy has a variety of tools and techniques to advance your dogs training journey!

Balanced Training Approach

Our programs are based on balanced approach reinforcing desired behaviors by repetition.