Behavioral Problems

Is Your Dog Handling Daily Life In an Un-Controlled & Un-Healthy Way?

Behavioral problems are no joke! and can be dangerous, scary and frustrating! Dog’s can show these different types of behaviors for several different reasons:

* Genetics
* Current Health State
* Lack of Consistent Leadership
* Low Threshold of Fear
* Low Confidence
* Slow Resolve To Environmental and/or Personal Stressors
* Lack of Consistent Training
* Owners Unintentionally Reinforcing/ Encouraging Bad Behavior
* Potentially Many Others

Depending On What Your Dog is Doing and Why, There Are Specific Ways It Needs To Be Handled or It Could Make It Worse! A Diagnostic Evaluation Will Allow Me To Find Out The “Why’s” and “How’s” To Best Deal With The Behavior.

Aggression Towards People or other animals

There’s probably nothing more terrifying for you than a dog that has learned to deal with things by biting, attacking, growling or snapping, to name a few! And sometimes it seems like anything can trigger this! Unfortunately a lot of people called me after the dog had hurt someone or the owner!

Maybe you think the dog is being protective. Maybe, but a lot of times I’ve found the dog is scared and is exhibiting fear based aggression towards whatever the stressor is.

Maybe you think because of the dog’s breed, or that it was possibly abused in the past or that it came from a shelter is the reason.

Whatever it may be, Please don’t wait and see what will happen or hope it goes away! Give Me A Call Today!

Separation Anxiety, Nervous, Fearful & Skittish Behaviors

It’s sad to see your buddy in this state, all that you want to do is coddle them and tell them it’s alright. It feels like the right thing to do, but you could be adding to their anxiety!

There’s a lot more to it than that but a dog who is anxious, nervous, fearful, skittish etc. is actually suffering physiologically too! When a dog (just like a human) is stressed, it releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol basically shuts down the immune system which can lead to your dog having health issues like skin problems, digestive issues, increased symptoms of allergies and much more!

Have you ever thought sometimes that your “tender hearted” dog is being “hard headed” because they won’t listen to or follow your commands? If your dog is in a state of fear, they might actually be trying to appease you or your dog has shut down, essentially frozen in a state of fear or submission. Even though you have not or would ever hurt them!

Finding out what causes your dog’s anxiety and fear and then working to build their confidence, resolve and thresholds will go a long way to making sure you have a happy, healthy dog! It will greatly improve your relationship and their obedience as well!

You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!
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Destructive Behavior

Not always as simple a fix as getting a new toy or running the dog with a back pack full of water bottles!

Sure those are some options, but what if your dog really doesn’t care about chew toys or bones? What if they are physically unable to carry that kind of a load? What happens on the days where you didn’t have the time to run it out of your dog”? What if you’re just treating the symptoms and not the cause? But we could “What If” ourselves to death. Let’s look at it a different way!
Why is your dog doing this? Are they bored, teething, have separation anxiety, is there some other stressor in their lives and destroying things is a coping mechanism?

Finding out why and then seeing what would work best for your unique dog based on their drives, temperaments and motivators will do more to resolve the destructive behavior so your couch can go back to being a couch and not a “stuffing buffet” for you dog!

House Breaking Issues

Has finding a surprise in your house not so surprising anymore? Do you have the carpet cleaners number memorized? Have you gotten to the point where you think your dog does it on purpose to get back at you for something? Well don’t worry, your dog’s not plotting against you!

House breaking issues don’t just come with puppies, they can be common in your older dog too! There are a number of reasons this can be happening with your dog including health issues. food and water schedule, never learned going outside was what you wanted, maybe your dog feels vulnerable when squatting, and then, of course, there are “The Markers”!

I can take a look and find out why your dog is doing, what it’s doing, and work out a plan to teach your dog “outside good, inside bad”. Without Rubbing Their Nose In It! Contact me to schedule an appointment today!