Obedience is More Than Just a Problem Solver

I believe it is your responsibility to your dog as it’s master. (and I’m not just saying that because I own a dog training company!) Obedience stems from Greek and it literally translates to “Listen”. How can you communicate with your dog if you haven’t taught them how to listen?

A lot of us feel that we should have some sort of innate ability to train our dogs to listen to us and follow our commands. And that having to go through obedience training is some how an admission of failure on our parts. I would say it says that you care enough about your dog to invest the time to develop the skills necessary to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy! s a man, I don’t know how to build a deck on my back porch, because I never learned carpentry. Does it make me less of a man because I called in someone with the skills and know how to do it right? (Don’t answer that!) But You get the point!

A lot of my clients who came to me with “I don’t know what I’m going to do with this dog!” go through training, have a good time, build a stronger bond, finish training and say “I don’t know what I would do without this dog!” And that’s the experience I want you to have as well!

There Are 3 Phases in The Customized Behavior and Obedience Programs:

First is the Learning Phase: This is where all of the commands and position are taught to the dog using positive reinforcement training. The dog is allowed to make mistakes, think, figure things out and learn that your way gets them what they want. There a very little if any corrections given in this phase. It’s not productive to correct a dog for something it doesn’t know how to do. This is taught a sterile environment so the dog can learn quickly.

Next is The Conditioning Phase: Now that the dog knows what to do and has consistently demonstrated this to you, we will layer corrections over the obedience where necessary to teach the dog that deciding whether or not to do something is no longer an option. Still, there is a good bit of positive reinforcement going on as we work to wean the dog away from food rewards.

Finally, The Proofing Phase: This is where you and I will put your dog into distracting environments and situational scenarios to teach the dog the best way to handles these distractions and stressors. You are also coached and given the tools necessary to be able to consistently get the results from your dog in these distracting environments.

You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!
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Here's a List of Some of The Obedience Techniques Your Dog Can Be Taught:

* Sit
* Down
* Stand
* Stay
* Come When Called (Recall)
* Heel On a Loose Leash By Your Side
* Place (Go Lay On Your Bed, Great For When Guests Come Over)
* Recall Into a Finish By Your Side (Dog Comes and Sits at Your Side)
* Focus (Dog Will Look In Your Eyes On Command)
* Leave It (Dog will ignore distractor and focus on you)
* Let Go or Drop It
* Off Leash Obedience
* Sit and Wait at The Door and To Eat

Then From There We Would Layer On Distractions While Your Dog is Performing These Tasks Like; Other Dogs, People, Noises, Meet at Public Places or Where ever You Want To Go With Your Dog!