Personal Protection Dog Training

Are You an Enthusiast in The Working Dog World?

Personal Protection dogs (PPD), sometimes also referred to as attack dogs or guard dogs, are not the old school of thought which are super aggressive, anti-social dogs that will bite anything that moves!

I believe personal protection dogs should be seen more as a concealed weapon, nobody should know what the dog is capable of until they absolutely must. The dog should be able to be controlled and obedient out in public, with other people, playing with the kids at home and be friendly towards invited guests. Should the situation present itself, the dog will react either to a command or threat. All Dogs Must Be Evaluated Prior To Consideration For Personal Protection Training. (There is a Diagnostic Fee, call for details.) Some of the requirements are:

* Good Drives (Prey, Defense)
* Solid Nerves
* Good Temperament
* Confidence
* Social with Other People and Dogs
* Consistent Work Ethic
* Physically Healthy To Do The Work
* Tolerant

What Will My Personal Protection Dog Be Able To Do?

This More of a Generalization of What Will Be Accomplished But You and I Will Sit Down and Go Over All of The Specifics and Details of the Training.

* Off Leash Control and Obedience
* Alert On Command and By Scenario.

– This means the dog will bark with a heavy barrage that will quickly deter someone who poses a threat!
– Send, Bite, Out (Let Go) and Recall
-The dog will bite and hold the attacker on command and by scenario. Then the dog will release the bite on command and return to your side.

You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!
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Not All Dogs Are Created Equal!

Now I’m going to say this not because I’m some uppity, holier than thou dog trainer, I honestly hear this from a lot of people interested in having their dog be a PPD. Just because you have a breed known for this type of work DOES NOT mean your dog can do personal protection!

I know it’s a standard belief that if you have a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Malinois, Cane Corso or even a Bully Breed etc., that they should be able to be protective.

But saying your dog can be protective because it’s a (Insert Breed Here) is like saying that anybody from Japan can be a Ninja! It’s just not possible or realistic.

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