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“My GSD “Hayden”, was Crazy- Hyper and uncontrollable! My daughter was terrified of him! After working with the SC K9 Academy, Those two are best buds! And best of all, I can have guests over now!” – Hollie Warn & “Hayden” German Shepherd

“Wilson joined our family when our daughters were one and two years old. Wilson was a typical-vibrant young Labrador Retriever. My husband is a full time veterinarian at a busy practice and I needed some help!! My husband recommended we contact Geoff. Geoff was just what the doctor ordered! Thanks to Geoff, Wilson is a perfect match to our busy and active family! Geoff was very professional, personable, and eager to help. When Geoff arrived, you are his number one priority! We would recommend Geoff for all your training needs!” – David, Shannon, Natalie, and Lauren Hurst

“I most value being able to understand the thought process of my dog and knowing that he gets nothing for free, reward is earned! Although, frustrated at times, ultimately I get what I want from Ruger without catching a case! He is not even 3 months old and on command can sit, look, down and come when called etc. I think that’s pretty impressive!” – Shannon Lewis & “Ruger” Doberman Pinscher.

“We are first time dog owners and it was very important to know about dog training techniques and learn all of the “DO’s and DON’T’s”. After training with the South Carolina K9 Academy, we have established high confidence and trust that “Jasper” will behave with strangers and other dogs. That’s very important to us! Jasper became the best friend and part of the family!” – Max Shatalov & “Jasper” Labrador Retriever.

“Before The South Carolina K9 Academy, my dog tried to be very independent and NOW he looks to me to tell him what to do! I really value the overall change in my dog’s demeanor and confidence especially. I know that he now trusts me and doesn’t act scared around strangers! I remember the first time “Crescent” let a stranger approach him and let him pet his face, This was something I didn’t think was possible!!” – John McGill & “Crescent” American Pit Bull Terrier.

“Schatzi expressed separation anxiety every time one of us walked away from her. Our children (grown now) could not believe how we spoiled our new pet! Being older, we did not communicate to her that we were in control (she knew she was!) So we called Geoff. He was always prompt, reliable and clear on his instructions. Schatzi was easy for him to train- but we were not so easy! But Geoff was patient, kind and respectful while he tried to explain and work with us on what we needed to do. We have a great pet! She really is a member of our family and a joy to us! All 20 of our grandchildren wallow on her and play with her and she minds them !” – Darrel and Ann Wood & “Schatzi” German Shepherd.

“After reading so many articles about training our puppy, we were confused! The South Carolina K9 Academy was recommend to us by our Veterinarian’s Office. Geoff was really great to work with! He is very patient at all times! He made it so easy and was very helpful in training our puppy and made it very clear that we could always contact him if we had questions. I liked this!” – James and Wanda Shelley & “Maggie” Maltipoo.

“What is my overall feeling about the South Carolina K9 Academy? Love it! Love it! I don’t know what I would have done without them! Mocha was a year old rescue when I brought her home. She did not know how to walk on a leash without pulling me along and constantly barked at cars! With Geoff’s guidance, I learned how to walk her by my side and I learned how to prevent her from barking at cars. We now have pleasant daily walking experiences!
I appreciate Geoff’s knowledge in each of the annoyances that arise from Mocha’s super energized personality. From his guidance I have taught her to sit and the bottom of the stairs until I tell her it’s OK. She sits patiently while I fix her food and she will lay belly down on the floor before I giver her the bowl. She will even walk beside me with the leash laying across her back is almost better than with me holding it! Mocha is a really good dog and I think she’s capable of being a lot more than just a pet but selfishly, she’s my Mocha! I highly recommend the South Carolina K9 Academy for any needs or aspirations that you may have for your dog! Geoff is really knowledgeable about all aspects of canines from personal protection dogs to therapy dogs and has realyl done wonders for us! – Glenda Gilstrap & “Mocha” Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

“I only needed to use Geoff once! His 5 Secrets of Dog Training helped dramatically! I can now make Rowdy sit and stay when I open the front door! Whereas before he would just bolt when the door opened! He also has learned to stay in his crate until I allow him to exit even though the door to the crate is wide open! It’s nice to NOT get run over by an 80lb Dog!! – Carolyn Davis & “Rowdy” German Shepherd.

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