Therapy Dog Training

How Do I Make My Dog a Therapy Dog?

Having a dog trained to be a therapy dog is one of the most rewarding feelings for you, your dog and the community! Think of all of the good you and your dog could do by giving back to the community by spending time with kids in a hospital, soldiers and veterans who have come back home and need some healing energy, bringing a smile to folks in a retirement community who love to talk about fond memories when they had a dog and even having your dog help a child in a school gain the confidence to read!

I could go on and on, but the memories you’ll create will be far better than anything I could tell you here!

You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!
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A good candidate for therapy training would be a dog who is confident in all situations, actively pursues attention from others, is very tolerant with being touched, petted and hugged. This will all be determined in the Free Diagnostic Evaluation.

Once training is complete your dog must pass the Canine Good Citizens Test of which I am an evaluator for.

You can see the 10 Part CGC Test here.

Then we will run a couple of proofing sessions at a few retirement homes of which The South Carolina K9 Academy has been allowed to bring potential candidates to. Then I once I see that you are at a point where you can test for therapy dog certification, I will put you in contact with a therapy dog organization who can test and then certify you and your dog to become a Therapy Dog Team. Generally, once certified with the organization, You and your dog will also fall under their insurance umbrella as a benefit of certification.