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Even though we have been dog owners for many years, we still learned!We were dealing with a new breed, with a high energy level, and Geoff and the SC K9 Academy helped us to provide our puppy with a solid foundation!We really appreciated being able to ask questions, the follow emails that provided specific lesson information and the fact that the lessons were geared to the individuals and how fast the puppy was or was not learning! It is a commitment But Well worth The Time Spent!"-Susan and Jim Gatlin &"Murphy" Cairn Terrier

Susan and Jim Gatlin &"Murphy" Cairn Terrier

Behavior Expert

Is your dog handling like in an uncontrolled & unhealthy way? Through a customized training program, your dog can to learn how to resolve, adjust & relax.

Top Dog Trainers

With 13+ years of doing this full time, with a variety of breeds, & continuing education, I strive daily to be one of the top trainers in my field. I live by the phrase “Never Stop Learning”.

Custom Plans

Every dog is different and every dog owner has different goals and issues they want resolved. That’s why I offer customized training programs. These comprehensive customized training programs are tailored to the unique traits of your dog to get the best results and outcomes based on your dog’s breed, drives, temperament and personality.

Your Partner in Training

The SCK9 Academy works to be the best training partner for you! My goal is to empower dog owners by making dog training Make Sense! I treat each client with patience, respect, understanding and make our training sessions productive and enjoyable! Also I provide you with follow up notes and video resources to set you up for success between sessions.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you partner with the SCK9 Academy!

Let me help your pet reach and exceed their potential!

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Client Testimonials

Based on 46 reviews
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman
From the beginning Geoff was a great instructor and trainer. He took the time to be very thorough with every new training skill learned. Personally I benefited from having a quick learning dog. As much as he trains the dog, he trains the owner as well. I have learned so much. I highly recommend Geoff and then SC K9 Academy. You will be highly satisfied.PS: Stay consistent with your homework, and your dog will excel.
Cam Langston
Cam Langston
I searched for a quality trainer and I found a great one. I have a pitbull puppy and needed obedience training because of negative reputation of breed. Geoff has helped control behaviors typical of breed and also basic obedience has been a breeze utilizing his training methods. I highly recommend Geoff.
Lauren Fraser
Lauren Fraser
We went to Geoff hoping to help our pit bull mix with some fear issues that were causing her to not listen and be aggressive and just overall not be functioning well. Geoff taught us how to "speak" to our dog and teach her that we will protect her so that she doesn't have to react how she sees fit. He helped us understand that there was a major communication barrier and taught us how to have a better mindset about her behavior. I loved that he never blamed any issues on her breed, which many people are quick to do with pit bulls. A lot of what he did was help us understand the correct way to react to behaviors and respond in a way that serves both us and the dog. Thanks to him, our dog has better structure and has improved with listening. She also has a good relationship with her kennel, he showed us it can be used as a tool for our dog to go whenever she feels overwhelmed or unsafe with visitors, etc. Overall, we have a better relationship with our dog and everyone is happier. Thank you, Geoff!
Joshua Stewart
Joshua Stewart
Geoff did an amazing job helping us with our two Cane Corso. Geoff was very thorough and patient with explaining how his techniques would help to calm our Corso and listen. I would definitely recommend SC K9 Academy to any pet owner. It works!!
Megan Marini
Megan Marini
Geoff was an exceptional dog trainer! Our dog Nova suffers from fearful aggression since we adopted her at 6 months old and she has an unknown background, but at the time of adoption she was marked as child fearful. We got her during the start of COVID and we did not get much of an opportunity to socialize her and her aggressive behavior kept us from taking her out in public as much. My husband and I are trying to start a family and wanted to help her get over her fears and anxiety with the proper training. At 2.5 years old she took to training very readily and I could see her improvements every day that we worked on the lessons with her. We wanted to correct her barking at all noises, jumping on guest, growling at guests, pulling on walks, aggression towards people, dogs, kids, jealousy issues with her dog brother, and general obedience. With only 6 sessions we were able to learn so much and with daily dedication to implementing the tools Geoff provided we now feel confident we can continue to shape her into a less fearful, less aggressive, and generally happier dog. Geoff is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, gives lots of advice and guidance, and offers a very reasonable price. I love that he was able to come to our house to work with Nova late in the evening since it worked well with our schedule. We were embarrassed to take out dogs out of the house because of their behavior and now we feel confident we can take them in public and confident that we can help them continue to overcome any obstacles. We 100% recommend Geoff for training your dog!
Leigh Ann Blendowski
Leigh Ann Blendowski
Geoff was the Jedi master to our little Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi (aka Obi). He taught obi about the force and obi was able to utilize what he learned about the force and apply it to his day to day life. In all seriousness, Geoff did great work with our dog Obi. Geoff explained why obi was doing some of the stuff he was doing and helped us correct these behaviors. In just a couple of sessions, obi has showed improvement in his ability to listen and follow commands and has had some decrease in his anxiety. Geoff was also very responsive to any questions and communicated well. We enjoyed being provided the summary of the lessons being taught as well incase we forgot something. Would highly recommend.
Kristina Hill
Kristina Hill
We have been thrilled with the training that we have received from Geoff! Our new puppy was showing signs of some undesirable behaviors, and we have really been able to turn those around, with Geoff's help. Dabo was our first family dog, and we would have likely ended up making him an outdoor dog, if we had not called SC K9 Academy. After training, we have been able to have Dabo in our home, and our whole family has really enjoyed the experience. He is a part of our family now. I had feared he wouldn't be able to be managed inside. He is going to be a big dog, so we wanted to make sure we addressed the issues early. I feel confident in handling him now. Our training experience has taught us so much. I can't recommend Geoff enough. He is THE BEST! We plan to use him in the future, when our puppy is old enough for leash training.

SC K-9 Academy Training Services

Exclusively offering private sessions at your home and in public that are designed with the end result in mind. Focusing on the growth and development of your dog into an obedient companion who recognizes commands and can follow directions. Dedicated to Transforming Your Dog Into a Companion,

Behavioral Problems

Are you struggling with a K-9 that struggles with anger management, depression or destruction? The SC-K9 Academy is your trusted behavior specialist – let us help!


Does your animal struggle with following directions? Our obedience training programs are customized to support your K-9’s ability to follow instructions.

Puppy Training

SC K-9 Academy is the premier trainer for puppies ranging from 7-19 weeks. We will prevent problematic behaviors before they start and we pride ourselves on the long term results from our program.

Therapy Dog Training

Does your K-9 need specialized training to become a therapy dog? If so you’ve found the partner you need to get the job done!

Personal Protection

Are You Looking For a Higher Level of Security For Yourself, Family or Home? Let the SC K-9 Academy train your dog to protect you and your loved ones!

Why Choose Us

Pet owners choose the SC K-9 Academy because we produce long lasting results and strive to be experts in this field of training. We are compassionate care givers and pride ourselves on the outcomes produced. When you work with us we provide each client with the following:

The No BS Guarantee!

The SC-K9 Academy has the No BS Guarantee! Call us more information!

SC K9 Training Tool Kit

SC K9 Academy has a variety of tools and techniques to advance your dogs training journey!

Balanced Training Approach

Our programs are based on balanced approach reinforcing desired behaviors by repetition.

Dedicated to Transforming Your Dog into a Companion!

The SC K-9 Academy is the premier dog trainer in Columbia South Carolina and surrounding counties in the Midlands. Let us support your dogs training journey.